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commission for Andree Vermeulen and Andrew Michaan / 2017


tee shirt series / 2018





Original drawings available at soft.core.

Prints available in-person at Sweet Beet Acupuncture in Los Angeles & Sun Collective in NYC.



I render personal artifacts into abstract paintings on commission for individuals.

I am curious about how we hold other people's belongings, how these belongings have narratives, and how these narratives twist into our own. In the past, I have worked with marriage vows, poems, eulogies, found letters, photographs, etc.

This project is accumulative, spread-out, and has been ongoing since 2008. Work rests in private residencies of participants.

View past work and contact me for details.



<----Tee Shirt Series

As a high schooler growing up in suburban Alabama circa 1990s, I didn't have access to many galleries or museums, but picking through records, studying CD liner notes, admiring band tees, and examining cover art helped fill in the gaps. I'm forever appreciative.

This first edition of 25 addresses all the above while paying tribute to Kim Gordon. Her book Girl In A Band emphasizes the importance of not only being an artist, but sharing the work of other artists, on stage or in print. At least, that's what I gleaned.

Available in Blue or Black. I will donate a percentage of each sale to Girls Rock Birmingham, a non-profit dedicated to empowering young girls in Alabama to learn instruments and band together.

Contact me directly for orders or stop by Sun Collective in NYC to grab one in person. Regardless of demand, supply is limited.